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Who we are...

The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking is a group of concerned persons and organizations in northern Ohio whose mission is to educate and advocate for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking, while connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons. The Collaborative members are committed to the promotion of human and civil rights, especially those of trafficked persons, and support the mission through their shared expertise in education, health care, law, and social service.

The Collaborative sponsors educational awareness events, provides speakers for diverse audiences, connects with local and national organizations working with victims, advocates for supportive human trafficking legislation, and builds partnerships to provide services for trafficked persons.

The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking is a program of Humility of Mary Housing, Inc.



Mission Statement

The Collaborative to End Human Trafficking educates and advocates for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking while connecting services on behalf of
trafficked persons.



National Human Trafficking Resource Center

1.888.3737.888 or text BeFree (233733)

If you think you have come in contact with a victim of human trafficking,
call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

This hotline will help you determine if you have encountered victims
of human trafficking, will identify local resources available
in your community to help victims, and will help you coordinate
with local social service organizations to help protect
and serve victims so they can begin the process of restoring their lives.

Local 24/7 Hotlines

Project STAR- Sex Trafficking Advocacy & Recovery, Cleveland Rape Crisis Center

855-431-STAR (7827)

Bellefaire Homeless & Missing Youth Program






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Collaborative Seeks Research and Communications Specialist

The Collaborative seeks a qualified individual to serve as its Research and Communications Specialist. This is a key staff position with responsibility for conducting ongoing research and analysis regarding the issue of human trafficking and for communicating information and insight into the complexities of the issue through the Collaborative's e-newsletters, educational materials, website, and social media channels. 

For further information, click here.

To schedule a program...

The Collaborative offers human trafficking educational programs for diverse audiences including social service agencies, health care professionals, law enforcement, educators, religious groups, students, and more. To schedule a program or for further information, contact the Collaborative at
440-356-2254 or collaborative_initiative@yahoo.com.

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Arts Challenge Winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Arts Challenge! To view the winning entries, visit our In the News page.

To view past news articles from the Collaborative, click here.



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